The Res is History

Brooklyn hosted a multitude of talent and high energy as Fort Greene Park held a free concert on Saturday, June 25. The atmosphere was floating with excitement as concert goers enjoyed the tumultuous array of performers and the vibrant attitude of hosts Toure and Rosie Perez. Performers Sophia Urista, Paper Doll, Navegante, Medina Greene, Game Rebellion and more entertained the audience with their unique art for music. The crowd grew restless as they waited for the main act Mos Def. Yet,  Res the free flowing artist who performed right before the headliner rocked the stage while soothing the crowd with her voice.

She took charge with her hit song “They Say Vision.”  Her vivacity pulsated throughout the park creating a harmonious effect. The familiar hit brought fans back with the smooth, yet fast rhythm of the drums. Her voice calmed the spirits with “Ice King.” The somber melody soothed the ears of many carrying out a steady beat with a mellow guitar. The dismal lyrics of a woman torn by a cruel heart poured out a feeling of reminiscence and emotion of the tune.

The realism and laid-back essence of Res prepared concert goers for the explosive performance of Mos Def. Some may have embraced the presence of this artist when she was popular with her hits ‘They Say Vision’ and ‘ Golden Boys.’ Yet, people unfamiliar to her music swayed and related to the gentle, but powerful girth of her voice. Her strong aura stood out among many of the acts that day and remained as an effective force to good music.


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