“Don’t Look Down” By Jennifer Hudson

Waking up in the morning can be such an arduous task. Especially when your comfy bed sheets softly whispers in your ears to go back to your dreamworld and ignore the mundane reality that awaits you. Sometimes you really need something to kick you out of bed to get your body going for the day. A song thumping with inspiration is always the right recipe for a good day. Ms. Dreamgirl herself, Jennifer Hudson has perfectly cooked up a real treat to keep you fully satisfied.

“Don’t Look Down” released off her album I Remember Me has such an uplifting aura to it. This song speaks to the heart of a depressed individual to keep their head high. The beat doesn’t hold back with it’s buoyant energy. The song effects the body and the soul as it’s message inspires one to reach for the stars in love and happiness. The essence of this enthusiastic tune is reminiscent of the feel good tunes of the soulful 70’s. Playing this track on repeat throughout the day can make a real dreary day feel like the sun is warming you up with every step. Let “Don’t Look Down” warm you up as it stands tall as Heartbeat’s beat of the week.


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