Mature Sound Shines Through

The music industry is bursting with fresh faces. Teens these days don’t just get zits, battle high school drama, or deal with puberty. Many of them are wise beyond their years and are doing so much more than some adults have done in a lifetime. This generation is buzzing with creative energy and multifarious talent. The US has produced talent such as Justin Beiber, Keke Palmer and Selena Gomez. Yet, the UK has also birthed a new sensation with a little more pop and soulful sound.

Dionne Bromfield has dazzled the eyes of the world with her mature aura. Her music has a strong upholding with songstress Amy Winehouse as her mentor. Also signed to Winehouse’s label Lioness, this little queen has spiced up the UK scene. This 15-year-old presents herself well beyond her years with her song choices. Songs like ‘Yeah Right’ and ‘Foolin’ exemplify a 60’s groove from a millennium girl. The funky beats and Bromfield’s fascinating raspy voice generates a unique sound quite like Winehouse, but also resonates also from British singer Duffy. With this sophisticated outlook towards her music, this rising star could make some decent shock-waves into the music scene.


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