Friends vs Lovers

The realms of love can be an escape from the harsh and annoying realities of the rest of the world. It’s easy to become lost in someone once you can’t get enough of them. But what happens when this oh-so-perfect person starts looking oh-so-human? Many people tend to run to their friends and listen to them ramble about how this person is just not the one for them. But what are we really seeing when we see imperfections in others?

It’s so easy for people to find fault with each other. One person slips up and we’re so quick to judge. Sometimes, that person really is a jerk. They cheated on the other person, they’re afraid to commit, or they’re just unpleasant to be around (and you ask yourself why was I with them?). But sometimes, they’re just being themselves; chuck full of love, goodness and faults. Who are we to judge them really when we have our own imperfections? Our friends will know little about this person, yet label them as an a**hole because of something so simple that looks so dire in their eyes. The reality of it all is that our friends are just trying to be there for us. In many cases, listening to our friends can be the best thing because they want to help us out of an ugly situation. Yet, it’s always best to listen to your own heart and let your conscious beat through. Consulting with our friends instead of consulting with our lovers can at times dig a deeper hole for ourselves. At the end of the day, it is good to console in your friends for help, but it’s always more important to communicate with your significant other too.

Check out this classic tune that has some truth to this situation.



  1. Hey I have a different twist to the same issue in my post “Unrealistic Expectation of Love”. I agree with you esp your point about communicating with your partner. Wouldn’t we all love to be psychics ? Since we are not we can make life easier by letting our partners know how we feel about certain issues that we may have with him/her. Check out my post and let me know what you think


    1. Yea. That’s the problem with a lot of relationships. People don’t communicate enough within a relationship. It’s like we would rather complain and talk about our relationship then try to fix it at times. Talking to our partners is definitely the best solution.


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