High Energy of “6 AM”

A funktastic sound erupts within the essence of R&B veteran Rahsaan Patterson. He’s graced the music scene with his past albums Wines & Spirits, After Hours, Love & Stereo and Rahsaan Patterson. This singer exudes a breathless persona as his stamp on the music genre. After a few years without a whisper of his sound, he’s back with his new album Bleuphoria. Patterson’s released a little sample called “6 AM” that’s buzzing with a new tone.

The track starts off with a slow, computerized beat that guides Patterson’s voice into the first verse. His voice is smooth and low as it barely puts up a fight to overpower the mid-tempo rhythm. The joy of sharing a precious moment of ecstasy in the AM with a lover is felt within his high croons. Yet, the overall poise of his voice doesn’t quite match well with the vivacious tempo of the tune. The upbeat melody possesses the feeling of a good time, but lacks the simplicity and elegance of waking up to that special someone in the morning.

Sleek, soothing melodies from Patterson surely should provide a pleasant atmosphere within the ears for anyone who listens to Bleuphoria. The unmatched blend of rhythm and lyrics shouldn’t stop the elegant presence of this singer to live free within this album. But fans will find out for sure once this album drops July 19. 



  1. Love the article! If you had to recommend one the albums you mentioned early in the piece, which would it be?


    1. That’s a good question. I’m glad you liked it. I would say Wines & Spirits. Honestly, I love the title. Ha ha. And there’s a lot of eclectic beats that work well together. There’s a variation from upbeat, soulful tracks to slow melodies that really make you ponder.


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