The Lioness Growls Again

R&B music has molded and expanded into such a diverse genre from it’s very start. It went from the smooth, simple grooves of the jiving 50’s to the pop, techno beats with a niche only needed for the clubs of today. Some artists work hard in holding onto the origins of R&B. And some are just trying to follow the trends. Teedra Moses, also dubbed as the ‘Young Lioness,’ sticks true to the roots of this genre with lady like class in her new mix-tape Luxurious Undergrind.

Produced off her new label “Maybach Music Group”, this album exudes a ladylike swagger. A tranquil vibe surrounds the essence with the majority of the songs. “The One” executes a steady, agile beat that floats under Moses’ voice. The complexity between deciding if he’s the one speaks wonders within this track and emphasizes the enthusiasm of finding him. “Falling For You” emanates the torpid grooves of a feel good R&B track. The joy of falling in love bubbles and streams into the senses with its lively, yet laid-back sound.

However, some tracks carry out an effervescent energy that one can’t help but escape into. “To Hell With It” has a powerful vibe that expresses the angst of being in love with someone who hurts you, but then letting them go and moving on. The track plays the mind as it starts off with these slow, tic-toc beats that grows in intensity, but then ends with compelling drums that blends well with the velvety delivery of Moses.

Much of her music isn’t well known to the masses. Her most popular songs “Be Your Girl” and “Backstroke” have sent a ripple of smooth tunes into the music circuit. Yet, her tidal wave is just waiting to transcend before we get a bite of her next album The Lioness. This mix-tape, which is available for free off her website, brings back the simplicity of R&B that listeners have been aching for.


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