A Songstress Floats on

The poetic flow and enticing melodies of Floetry uplifted and carried our musical spirits for a minuscule amount of time. Their singles “Superstar,” “Floetic” and “Say Yes” answered to our remorseful hearts of us who became so involved in our busy life, we forget to be free. The break-up of  the British pair Natalie Stewart (The Floacist) and Marsha Ambrosius (The Songstress) have left an ever-long pain in the hearts of their fans. Yet, sometimes a heart wrenching end can produce something quite beautiful.

The songstress Marsha Ambrosius has made an impeccable reentry into the music scene. Critics and fans alike are impressed with the class and grace she presented as she became a solo recording artist for J Records. Many well-known artists like Alicia Keys, Wale, Jamie Foxx, Slum Village, Fabulous and Mario have collaborated with Ambrosius since her return. She has won her way back into our hearts with the sweltering creations off her first solo album Late Nights & Early Mornings.

We applaud this songstress’s transition from an artistically inclined duo to an elegant singing extraordinaire. Ambrosius is also a philanthropic wonder as she embedded important messages into her most recent videos that we should all listen to and follow.  Her angelic voice is soon to create an array of simplistic harmonies that will rock our minds into a place of bliss.

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