Defeating the Unknown

There are many things in this life we know nothing about. Some of us question why there is pain and suffering in the world or why the universe is so big. And then we also ask ourselves why we didn’t get that job we were so qualified for or why we’ll never know how he/she truly feels. It’s a place of wonder and confusion to never know the truth. It’s a curiosity we all strive to fulfill. But do we really want to know the truth?

The fear of not knowing is something many people share. It consumes and takes over the minds of many. But how do we get ahead in life if we we’re not so curious? What if we were just content with the way things are and never wanted to know more? Cities would’ve never been built. Discoveries in science would’ve never been made. There’s just so much accomplishment in life limited because we were what; content with the way things were, indifferent to wanting to progress in the world and wanting to progress in ourselves. How can we disadvantage ourselves by not wanting more? Or maybe the real truth behind our lack of curiosity is the fear of failure.

Rejection, falling, losing and failing are all fates most people are willing to run away from. We didn’t get that job because we were afraid to really push forth our skills fearing the employer wouldn’t be impressed. We’ll never know how he/she feels because they’re afraid of how we’re going to take it. So many different scenarios revolve around the mind frames of our daily lives, but it all comes down to the same thing. But this fear or obstacle isn’t protecting us or making the world go round. It only hinders and causes stagnant movement within society. And it stops us from really evolving within ourselves.

So as scary as the unknown seems to be, it’s vital to march through the darkness and pursue the distant light. Success and happiness is only a distance away. Defeating fear and striving for the best in life is the only way to truly prosper. Even if we get rejected,  fall, lose or fail, it’s all worth it in the end once we reach our absolute potential.

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