“Pieces of Me” by Ledisi

Knowing the true beauty of self worth doesn’t always come easy for everyone. It’s a process of digging deep into the core of who they are and discovering the essence. It comes with many features, yet it can take a lifetime to really discover them all. But finding even some of those wonderful qualities can truly make the world a brighter place for the ones who matter.

Ledisi‘s song “Pieces of Me” portrays this majestic find. “Pieces of Me” resonates a marvelous melody of soft tones and harmony. The beat moves along sweetly, peacefully and smoothly as the petals of a flower. Ledisi’s genuine character vibrates through her velvety soothing croons. It exudes an elegant confidence of pure joy and self-respect.

For anyone feeling down in the dumps about who they are, take a listen to this exquisite tune. This woman of power and grace for self-worth can definitely make anyone feel the gentle touch of glory and keep them flying high.


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