The Zeal of Melanie Fiona

A firestorm of soul, reggae, and R&B generates massive potential for singer Melanie Fiona. Being born of Guyanese decent, mixed in with a little African, Indian and Portuguese ethnicity, conjures a beautiful blend of eclectic music. The comfort of living in a home filled with music from her guitarist father and music loving mother accelerated this sirens passion.

Her singles “It Kills Me” and “Give it to me Right” of her album The Bridge possesses the words of a woman who adequately speaks from the heart. Her sound exudes the soul and the zest of the blues era and extenuates the allure of vulnerability. The moral in her music speaks a multitude of realism as it transitions from ear to ear. This elegant beauty excretes an attitude of rough edges and yet a soft aura which harmoniously creates an astounding effect.

Her firestorm of pure talent is only growing more gracefully with her new album The MF Life. With a Summer/Fall release date, her single “Gone and Never Coming Back,”  presents a piece of the prize waiting for anxious fans everywhere.

Off  her website, listeners get an intriguing taste of what’s to come from her new album:

“The key thing I want to impress upon anyone who listens to The MF Life is the idea that it’s possible to learn from everything that comes at you,” she says. “That’s been my process. It’s why on the surface, the ‘MF’ in the album title represents my initials, but it also gets at the many facets of myself as an artist and a young woman. It can be viewed the ‘Mighty Fine Life’ in times of triumph and success, but also the ‘Mother-F-ing Life’ when I’m dealing with frustration or misfortune. I celebrate both. I feel it would be dishonest if everything was all about glitz and glamour. It’s about the balance of life, the yin and the yang, the good and the bad, all of that.”

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