Magic Happen by Kindred the Family Soul

An overpowering heat depresses the comfort of us all as we suffer in vexation. This wave has crashed over the country victimizing many in it’s sweltering misfortune. Many struggle to find an oasis of cool as they stay indoors, swim in public pools, enjoy a delectable ice cream cone, or whatever else comes to mind to beat the sun. This effort to stay cool can uplift happiness, joy and pleasure from the exceptional beings around us. Sometimes a little fun in the shade can create even magic.

Kindred the Family Soul has swooned us with their hit “Magic Happens.” Appreciating the love and the care of those who matter is a message that radiates throughout this song. Pure grandeur for good things to come is an inspirational theme that transcends from beginning to end. A man who works hard for a better life and his woman who supports him is an integral role that they portray. With an impeccable orchestral start, the husband and wife duo glides into elegant precision of true class. Magic happens as a serene atmosphere erupts within the sanguine nature of this track.


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