A Songstress’s Tragic End

Although many of us laughed and were entertained by the singer’s tumultuous fall, it’s still difficult to say goodbye. An unmistakable talent diminished because of a refusal to go to rehab passed away July 23, 2011. Amy Winehouse’s musical presence broke barriers and brought back the cool dynamics of the 50s sound into mainstream music. Her insurmountable voice attracted many with its reckless honesty and zesty blues tunes. Yet, all the world could do was laugh at her wretched mistakes and offer no real hand of sympathy or comfort. Her decision to let the drugs and alcohol overpower her life led to an abrupt end to pure talent. Let us remember Winehouse for her exceptional music and style and regret the potential in her that never got to excel for the better. Her signature beehive hairdo and raspy pitch will surely be missed. Rest in peace Ms. Winehouse…

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