The Mystery of the Night

Cozy sheets and a soft pillow calls the body to bed every night. It sweetly serenades my low vigor with it’s comforting lumpy surface. I give in to it’s appeal crashing heavily upon its mass. Yet, something still seems to be missing.

The cascading rain outside my window tonight puts me in a sweet and somber mood. I feel peaceful and somewhat connected to the universe. The romantic music playing in the background envelops my spirit in a world of peace. But what the hell, something is still missing.

Ugh. Is it something about this night in particular or every night that brings about this feeling? The atmosphere is pretty satisfying enough as the day comes to a close. Yet, the bed, the room, the sense of it all still needs something. Can you guess what it is?

*Shrug* Maybe the music is creating a feeling of needing something. I may be grown, but a crazy desire to have something in my arms always soothes me to sleep. The hustle to work, dealing with people’s BS, and struggling through adult problems smother my daily trails. Maybe a sweet little reminder of my childhood is a good way to end the day as I squeeze my fluffy cuddly stuffed dog every night. I don’t know how many adults feel that small need to be in diapers again, but something about the night always brings it back.

Sweet dreams.


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