Sagging: Why won’t it go away?

Average men in America are falling behind women as more of us continue to pursue degrees and succeed in our careers. Don’t get me wrong, many men are finishing college and are attending prestigious programs around the country. Yet, it is so hard to capture the image of the successful male as long as this sagging trend sticks around.

It’s like the Bubonic Plague: It festers among the bottoms of men all around the country sticking to them like a thirsty leach. It sweeps from male to male in congruent groups like the common cold spreads from victim to victim. It’s not chic nor trendy, but refuses to leave causing my eyes to bleed whenever I step outside and witness it. It’s everywhere. In our streets, our homes and our schools.

Why can’t we find a cure for this fashion disease? It only sets upon a staggering formula of sagging + indifference = bum. And these elements always compose together within this trend. I don’t know if extinguishing it will create a shockwave of ambition within our suffering, un-enthused casualties. I actually severely doubt it. All I’m saying is that this trend needs to fade out fast so our men can grow up or at least look the part.

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