It’s Just “Never too Much”

When the sun shines brightly, we sometimes hope it matches the attitude we carry. It’s a real shame when the sun teases you, almost begging you to smile and all you can do is scowl in anger. I know, we’ve all been there. But a pinch of good vibes should run through you at some point of the day. “Never Too Much” from Luther Vandross is a classic mood booster that ceases to dissipate a pleasing touch that can also be carried from the sun.

A funky tune brings in a blossoming orchestra which presents a sweet surprise to come. Vandross’s velvety voice soothes and eases all emotional wounds as it captivates the ears in pure joy. “A thousand kisses from you” is more than what it takes to win a lady into this crooner’s arms. Love and harmony caresses the heart of someone in need in this upbeat sound. Let it turn your smile upside down and then do jumping jacks, flips and all sorts of movement.

Vandross is a remarkable wonder that should have never left this world. His spirit lives on through this and many of his marvelous gifts to the R&B genre and music in general. May it carry you on this gorgeous day.


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