The Chase for a Happily-Ever-After

Multicolored lights color the dance floor in the dimly lit room. Raucous thumping jazz music bounces from the speakers elevating an energetic vibe in the air. Dancers glide by graciously moving from step to step in a trance like state. A girl sits on a cold, metal seat anxiously waiting for her prince to save her from the wallflower shame looming nearby. Dames rest their heads comfortably on their don’s shoulder entranced in the sweet saxophone sound floating around them. Her eyes lay transfixed in the moment desiring even an ounce of bliss with her sweetheart who must be lost somewhere in the room. Out of nowhere, a hand lays outstretched in her view with a pleasant face to match along with it. “Do you want to dance?” a young man asks. The girl happily shakes her head yes as he daintily holds her hand guiding her to the dance floor.

Sounds cheesy right? This scene comes straight out of most chick flicks of the past. As romance movies struggle to differ in plot, they all seem to have the same happy ending. We can always figure out that he’s going to get the girl and she’s going to forgive him for whatever it is he did. But, why do we keep on watching? What keeps our eyes glued to the screen with backed up tears spilling out tumultuously as he purposes like we predicted?

These cutesy fairy tale endings only exist in the movie industry; they don’t happen in real life. People fall in love in two days, have their prince charming appear out of nowhere to save them, or have lustful affairs that somehow turn into marriage. It’s ludicrous to reality yet it’s something many of us want. Something simple like a guy asking us to dance or a gentleman buying our favorite flowers is needed at least once in a lifetime.

What really exists for many of us are bland text messages asking a person out instead of the authenticity of having the person ask them out in person. Women have men bumping and grinding against them on the dance floor at the club. They easily gyrate on them intimately accepting the booty but move on just as quickly as they came without even a simple exchange of names. Men put so much effort into treating their lady with flowers, love and affection hoping for even a swivel of admiration in their eyes. Yet, the girl of their dreams is secretly sleeping with another man who treats her like dirt but buys her all the clothes and diamonds she wants.

Our Princes and princesses can hardly breathe in a world with material desires and sexual fantasies. Women chase the paper and men chase the seduction. Some of us are chasing after the temptation and the zest of a good time. A sprinkle of what we see in the picturesque scene of these flicks could never come alive as long as we use each other. Wipe the dollar signs out of your eyes and look up at the genuine face in front of you. Chasing the few individuals with regal characteristics of society and appreciating the love they have to offer can definitely make your happily-ever-after come true. These movies are still way too unrealistic, but maybe the beauty of real love can blossom once we search for love and dump the lust.


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