And the Hunt Goes on

Plastic beats of material pleasures sift through the music genre almost making music fans gag in agony. The airwaves are suffocating with computerized melodies and synthesized trash. Some artists look as if they woke up one day and said “Hey! I have an alright voice.” *singing* Ahhhhh ahhh ahhhh…ack hack ahhh *Cough cough* Hmm sounds good enough.”  With an environment clogged with no talent wanna-be’s who somehow managed to make it, we lose focus on the singers of this planet with real talent. What singer these days even knows how to play the keyboard? Well, Van Hunt is one needle in the haystack who can. And the drums. And the bass. And the saxophone. Oh and the guitar too.

Van Hunt is a performer of different musical backgrounds. His sound exudes an energetic rocking ballad with a sweet touch of a riveting voice. A smooth funk cascades religiously around a tight beat.  This sultry artist lights a fire in the ears of many with his sizzling tunes “Dust,” “Down Here in Hell,” and “Seconds of Pleasure.” Talent protrudes this eclectic artist with his multitude of playing instruments and passionate cries of soul. His cool, light delivery wraps around gently within every song even though his voice lacks the tremendous booming authority of vocal greats. Yet, his smooth voice still has the ability to do an amplitude of wonders. His soulful vigor of sensual passion and authentic lyrics eclipses the makeshift artists of today.

After a three year break of producing intensifying sounds, Hunt has released two songs “June” and “The Savage, Sincere L of P.” A new album called What were you Hoping For is due to grace the world on Sept. 27 before beginning his tour in NYC across the country. Hunt’s been busy as he looks ready to go on pleasing the music circuit with his variant tunes. We definitely need to hunt for him.


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