The Kissing Game

A stairwell leads to a circle of nervous teenagers sitting around each other on a wooden floor. Mellow 80’s music creeps out of the speakers creating a  jumping vibe in the room. Warmth caresses the room soothingly bringing in comfort and anticipation. A glass bottle sits in the middle of the circle burrowing a pleasant image of desire into their young minds. A freckled face boy crosses his fingers as he spins it. The bottle goes from face to face awaiting its choice of destiny. It twirls and twirls finally slowing down then stopping at a green-eyed girl with caramel skin. Her face glowed in excitement as she and the boy slowly walked toward the back of the room. Everyone oohed as the door closed gradually behind them. “I wonder how good this is going to feel?” the girl thought to herself. “I hope this turns out awesome” the boy worried to himself. Electricity tingled in his fingers as he lightly grazed her face. They both closed in with lips puckered up awaiting the delightful surprise of their first kiss.

The beginner’s kiss is something we all remember and treasure. It was our way of learning how to express our feelings physically; an entrance into a new world of “Mmmm;” a discovery of how to use this part of our face in such a fun way. It seemed icky at first, but then became much more of a wonderful enjoyment as we got older. The sensation of a first kiss is something young girls like to dream about and young boys sort of look into. But what happens when the magic slips away as we get used to it?

Does a kiss ever feel the same as the first time? As we go from different people in this lustful experience, the innocence and joy is sometimes lost. The tingle and energy that entertained our lips have been replaced with something raw and mundane. Pleasure is still there. Well sometimes. It all doesn’t seem the same anymore as it once was. It’s expectation rather than excitement.

The intensity of  this lip-lock could be fun at times. But only if both parties have similar intentions. Some dudes will aggressively kiss a girl shoving their tongue into her mouth like a damn snake. It’s like he’s trying to do more than show her how much he likes her seeking for something else that’s not quite so pure. And then there’s the sensual kiss. A slow, alluring touch that zones in on the intricate areas of bliss. These kissers know how to melt a woman’s heart with their detailed purses of delicacy.

So what is the deal with this growth of level one intimacy? The expected spark of a first kiss can sometimes be a disappointment if it turns out to feel like a wet rag. But the love and thirst for it can be replenished once you find someone that generates a riot of vibrant butterflies in your stomach. The off switch will be left that way if we keep going after the snakes with fecal tongues. Kissing isn’t a game of good or bad; its an intimate moment between a potential lover or just a hot one for some. The real winners of this “game” keep the excitement of a pulsating vitality instead of the persistent rush of a hankering quickie.

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