To Know “This Woman’s Work”

A woman’s essence is one of the most beautiful elements of this world. Many of us provide a multitude of gifts bringing in more joy and happiness. Although, at the same time we have two sides as men suffer through our endless chatter and yearning for drama. As we are human, we strain through the troubles of life sometimes gracefully. We hold down the fort for our families providing an array of support and comfort. We bite through the tears and agonies life has to give us. And we bring in the most purest little treasures onto this insane Earth. Some women don’t even realize how much their worth is as we possess the power to break through any trauma. Sometimes, it takes a man to realize the true potential of a woman’s worth.

Maxwell tastefully examines the grace and wonders of the female  with “This Woman’s Work.”  The soft tunes almost rocks the soul to sleep with its gentle instruments. His voice shatters the sound threshold as it climbs pitches emphasizing the true elegance of a lady. He serenely captures the capabilities of a woman’s strength through his lyrics of depth. May the downtrodden and disrespected women out there remember their tremendous strength, poise and worth that they have for themselves and for the lucky ones close to them.


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