Irene: Oh the Irony!

As everyone must know from the excessive news reports, Hurricane Irene is on it’s path to maybe cause some real damage to over 65 million residents on the east coast. With its ironic name meaning “peace,” Irene is one of the strongest storms this side of the sea has faced in many years. Forecasters are predicting the devastating effects of the hurricane as North Caroliners evacuate their homes and the rest of the east coast run around scared for their lives. People are panicking all over the place preparing their abodes for the worse while some seek refuge with friends and families in safer zones.

This storm is dauntingly scary and unpredictable. But the best thing to do is to stop worrying. New York has never faced anything like this before, but as a Brooklyn born girl, I feel like I got this (Somewhat. Lol.). Stay alert, research emergency preparedness, call relatives and friends, get prepared. But most of all, PRAY and keep hope alive. We all know that this storm is going to be pretty big. But even so, I know we’ll come out stronger and alive after this storm pounds into our path.


This site is really good at tracking hurricane information.

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