I Need a Dollar

It’s so easy at times to ignore that homeless man on the train begging you for a dollar. All you want to do is stay in your business and get to where you’re going without any interruption. The little gimmicks of singing, dancing, or just a heartfelt story don’t always penetrate to the core of your soul. You might be thinking its all fake or a routine to get out of the once simple task of getting a job. But how do you really know who’s out there faking it?

The economy has brought people to the most desperate of times. We’re all just sitting around pointing fingers at Obama’s lack of actions, Bush’s screw ups, and the Governments love for the rich. Yet, when we see those of our own suffering even more than we could ever imagine, we look the other way. Honestly, I’m not saying you should give a dollar to every homeless person you see or every charity needing money. Sometimes, it’s just that you don’t have money or that you can’t let go of that dollar cause you’re suffering as well. We’re all struggling in this hopeless cyclone of financial ruin. Hustle if you will (legally if possible), freelance, sell what you can to make that money grow. Whatever you can to keep yourself or your family from falling. It looks grim like we’re never going to climb out of this hole. But we all got to stay strong together and ride out this vicious storm for as long as it takes. It’s the only way from keeping one from going insane. Stay positive and good times will come your way in the end.

This video from Aloe Blacc greatly represents this dire misfortune we’re all going through.


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