“Beautiful Dreamer” by Carolyn Malachi

Trials and tribulations depress the potential of many. Hearing the world is a cold place is something one could never get used to. We get it, we got to grow tough skin and brace ourselves from its harsh winds. But this task isn’t always so easy. Especially for that of a young child.

In “Beautiful Dreamer” by Carolyn Malachi, a 9-year old girl isn’t quite prepared for the cruel actions of her peers as they chase her into a forest and rip out her notebook after receiving good grades. Exuberant intelligence shines through the minds of many young individuals. Their abilities have the potential to excel and turn this dim environment into a much brighter atmosphere. Yet, there’s always those few who try to trample on their dreams within their clear path of excellence. Malachi portrays a stance of confidence and grace with her angelic voice in this inspiring tune. Her melodic croons pave a story of a dream growing into its beautiful form despite anything as she shows up and helps the little girl in the end. Her aura excretes a defiant attitude of strength harmoniously placing a feeling of courage onto many. As the school year begins, children and adults alike should keep their head up and strive for the best because we all have a beautiful dream deep inside of us waiting to shatter the barriers of turmoil and warm up this harsh planet of hardship.



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