For Better or Worse…Which is it?

They say love conquers all. It can carry us through mountains; brave through the fierce river waters of troubles and stand steady on a shaky path. Many of us fight, long for and desire to have the caressing support of those tingly emotions bubbling within our cores. We search for someone to listen, someone to understand, someone to bare through our weak moments and our strong. And when we finally meet that person (if we’re so lucky), what’s the next step?

The suffocating emotions of love can entrap us and bring us to a lighter place where petty problems of the world no longer matter. The Earth around us fades away as the glimmer in his/her eyes mesmerize our psyche as time drifts away into an endless pool of history. Their warm embrace lights a calm fire into the gist of our soul as we appreciate the gratitude, trust, and unconditional love this person exudes from their presence. Yet, why at times are we still so hesitant to take the next step? Where do we go from here? Why are we so afraid to go any further?

We all have that kick in the back of our minds. Every time we dream of a happy outing of taking quiet strolls in the park with a baby and our lover, a prudish voice echoes its squeamish cries of what ifs. Yet, many of us listen to those cowardly thoughts: “Marriage is such a long commitment. ” “What if I get bored with him/her?” “What if we fall out of love?”  “What if she tries to control me? “What if he has no money?”

If two people are willing to accept and understand each other for their faults with respect and communication, I honestly think there’s no harm in taking the next step. But unfortunately, many happily married couples hold onto those “ifs” and turn into bitter divorcees because they can’t stand to work on their issues. There are those couples out there that get married even though they really weren’t meant to be together. Yet, then there are those who rush into it only following their hearts forgetting that man and woman don’t always agree. In fact, two people living together in general have a very good chance of running into problems.

Agreeing to love and cherish each other gets thrown away because of materialistic drama. Even though couples say they love one another more than anything on this Earth, there’s always one thing that man loves more. Money is a need for us all. But the greed for money or even the lack of it can turn us against each other. Two perfectly matched people ignore the happiness they’ve given in their union and focus on that green note.

The ease of getting a divorce, freedom from marital trauma, infidelity and financial burdens are some of the many reasons why people choose to end their matrimony today. Yet, many of our parents and our grandparents managed to bite through all the gruesome feats of life and stayed together. My question is why is it that people of our generation have to be so quick to run instead of letting their love defeat all.  We live in a world where we let greed and money take over the essence of what’s true to us. I believe true happiness is on the road of those who don’t stray from the people who matter. Money, freedom, security, trust and anything else should be a plus or a minor detail to the ever-powerful love two people have for one another. Why can’t we just let love take over and always win?

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