The Versatility of Esperanza Spalding

The wicked free-forming Afro and gentle beauty of Esperanza Spalding have embodied a pleasant impression among the minds of many. Her unique and versatile style have wowed fans into a listening experience  never felt before. Checking out the nature of Ms. Spalding from various magazines, I always thought of how difficult it must be for her to walk around with that bass everywhere. And the fact that she even uses one greatly sets her apart from most artists today.

Being under the care of  her songstress mother in Portland, Oregon as a child brought on an eclectic mixture of musical tastes. Spalding learned how to play the violin at the age of five and watched her mother take jazz guitar lessons at age eight. Her library of  instruments grew as she learned how to play the oboe and clarinet before moving on to her musical partner in crime, the bass. Now at 26, she’s completed three albums and won a Grammy as best new artist. Her rosy persona wraps around her music like a warm blanket as it also blossoms her genres of jazz fusion, neo-soul, jazz and bossa nova. A light, airy voice quaintly matches her artistic flair as it grasps a tight hold onto our ears and seeps into our hearts.



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