“Play” by Goapele

The scorching days of summer may have come to an end, but Goapele keeps the fire going with her new single “Play.” Known for her political and socio-economical messages in some of her music, this tune is a tasteful change I’m sure many can bite into. Maybe she’s ready for a break from fighting for justice and is ready to play a little.

The video provides a sensual sense of mystery with the light shadows of black and white. A slow, deep rhythm introduces an escape into a world of fluid movement thumping gently into the psyche. The elegance of Goapele protrudes with the quaint shadows hiding her beauty but emphasizing her form. Playing cards and chess pieces highlight the regal aura of her allure with Kings and Queens. Her voice lightly touches the point of her desires with its high quality and smooth graces. She’s like a tigress in the jungle waiting to pounce on her prey. Fall into the grooves of “Play” as its sultry form captures and encloses you with its harmonies leaving you victim to her delectable game.


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