Idris Elba’s “Private Garden”

His impressive acting skills and captivating good looks does wonders on the silver screen. And you can tell from the streams of drool resonating in the movie theaters after a viewing of one of his flicks. Yet, actor Idris Elba not only has talent on the screen, but has also dabbled as a DJ, thespian, rapper, spokesman and a singer. Last year, his album dropped called High Class Problems Vol 1. He’s recently revealed a very spicy video with the name “Private Garden.” Many women will definitely want to reap into this titillating garden as Elba and a sultry lady share some intimate moments with some body paint. The beat has a cool flow with its soft echoes of a faint saxophone and steady drums likely to ease the soul into relaxation. But his voice sounds like an attempt to match the smooth croons of legendary singer Frank Sinatra. His voice could possibly have potential with some work, but his talent shines through quite well in his acting and in this sensual video. Prepare for a quaint surprise as Elba wants to enter your “Private Garden.”



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