“Didn’t Ya Know” by Erykah Badu

Life is a journey none of us can fully understand. There’s a multitude of knowledge many will try so hard to learn, but will never reach the end of their lives knowing. We can build our minds with intellect as much as we can. But one thing that we can knowingly understand is the work we put on ourselves. As the individual progresses, grows, and blossoms, the old skin of ignorance is shed away and a new beginning is formed.

Erykah Badu‘s classic “Didn’t Ya Know” emphasizes the inevitable journey of growth. Her normally raspy voice lifts into a harmonious sound angelically matching the peaceful rhythm of the song. The gentle tune floats like a serene stream providing an eloquent sense of movement and calm. Badu digresses her angst in understanding where to go from here in love and in life . The video creates a visual masterpiece of an arduous path with her billowing garments of travel as she trudges through the desert. After days and nights of endless walking, she encounters her new from as her old skin is shed giving light to her natural form. The task of encountering mistakes and the unknown will always be a feat we all must face. Yet in the end, the best of our potential is a fought for gift we can accomplish through new understanding from old ways.


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