“Dedication to My Ex (Miss That) by Lloyd

Good things always come to an end. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but we all got to deal with it. It’s best to just remember the good times from when they were here. Yet, that’s not so easy. The memories just cling onto your mind like a cranky cat desperate for those fun times again. Sometimes its hard to cope with that lost. Especially one that gave you a lot of joy and….pleasure.

Lloyd copes pretty well with his loss in his song “Dedication to My Ex (Miss That).” An upbeat tune transcends throughout the entire song. Lloyd brings a catchy chorus reminiscent of a cheery sixties ditty. Yet, the innocent dancing and groovy clothes contrasts with the meaning behind the song. “I miss that p***y, that p***y, that p***y, that p***y, Ohhhhh no.’ I can’t help but chuckle at the situation of Lloyd losing his uh lover in this tune. The icing on this sweet song is definitely Andre 3000 posing as a rapping, scatting pussycat. It’s easy to dance to this merry one as it makes that bitter ex a distant memory.


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