The Depths of “Swim Good”

Frank Ocean’s surreal mind frame has produced a work like no other with potential understanding as he released two videos called “Swim Good” and “Thinking About You” just last week. It’s questionable the meaning behind the two videos. But here at Heartbeat, we’ll try to figure out the depths of “Swim Good.”

In this video, Ocean calmly watches a blazing fire as he attempts to eat popcorn wearing a creepy panda mask. Japanese symbols enter the screen with short scenes of crashing waves and a beautiful woman laughing. He then enters his orange Lincoln Town car with his satin orange robe and samari sword. This video is embraced with Japanese culture with everything from the panda mask to the sword. The orange colors can be symbolic for his want for a change in life. The panda mask could mean he has a sweet, cute demeanor on the outside, but something dark and mysterious is brewing from within.

He drives his car past scenic mountains and an ocean. Images of a laughing woman cloud his mind as he drives into a forest. If you look carefully, a quick image of himself is standing on the side of the road as he drives deeper into the forest at 2:08. He wields his sword once he gets out his car before it eventually blows up. This laughing girl obviously hurt him in the past, but he can’t get her out his head. It’s like his mind is tormenting him which could explain why we see an image or ghost of himself standing outside the car as he drove by. There were also images of a wolf and a bear portrayed as he gained more angst in wielding his sword. It seems like he’s a loner (lone wolf) trying to defeat his battles (the pain the girl brought to him). The destruction of his car could be the end of this change in his life.

What do you think it all means?


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