“Fool For You” by Cee Lo Green and Melanie Fiona

It’s a given that people do stupid things. You always ask yourself why did I do that? Confusion surrounds the atmosphere of your decision as you stumble through your day calling yourself stupid while you continuously smack yourself on the forehead. Foolery is something we all run from as our minds grow and our experiences gain speed in this unpredictable journey called life. But there are those moments on this journey when we just can’t help but be one. It’s something we sometimes can’t escape from only feeding our growing sense of befuddlement. Yet it’s not always foolish to be a fool in love.

“Fool For You” by Cee Lo Green and Melanie Fiona is a remarkable collaboration that’s pleasant to anyone’s ears. Cee Lo is truly a mark of innovation as he begins the track expressing the charming wonders of being in love. The beat friendly tune satisfies one’s hankering hunger for soul with this harmonious fusion of these two R&B artists. Passion exudes this elegant melody as Fiona’s silky croons pounds softly over the beat. The two powerfully incorporate the message of how love can haze over your mind like a delightful Spring day encasing you with sweet emotions and distracting you from reality. It’s a foolish thing to fall in love at times. But in the world of love,  the real fool is always the one still standing.



  1. I love this song. The original on the album is good, but the collab with Melanie is…EVERYTHING. lol Hands down, one of my favorite collaborations of the year. I’m glad to see Cee Lo finally recognized and embraced by the masses. Melanie Fiona is that rare combination beauty and talent – something tells me her sophomore, due later this year, is going to be something special…or at least I hope. 🙂 Love the blog btw.


    1. I know right. This song is amazing. The collab is quite impressive. I love it. Cee Lo Green is a very talented artist. He’s been around for years and he’s finally getting some real recognition. Melanie Fiona is a wonderful artist too. Was just listening to her song 4 am today. It sounds like a good preview to an album that should be something special. Thank you. =).


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