An Idle Warship World

A listening treat indeed is the satisfying element of an impeccable artist. Their distinct flavor of music streams swiftly into ones ears pronouncing a remarkable impression. The details of their amazing talent grows and moans sweetly into their sounds creating wondrous works of art. But what happens when these minds come together?

The ingenious artists Res, Talib Kweli, and Graph Nobel have come together to create their superstar trio, Idle Warship. This group hopes to take others on their musical journey of freedom since they “don’t believe in labels for music.” They’ve released a mix-tape album back in 2009 called Party Robot available on their website for free. Singles like “Steady,” “Say You Will” and “Black Snake Moan” has ravished the ear buds of many. Their new album Habits of the Heart is set to come out in stores October 24, 2011. “Laser Beams” is already shooting out fascinating lights of energy as their first single off the album. Feel delightfully entrapped in this eclectic collaboration of Idle Warship.

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