Kem “If It’s Love”

Search. Find. Discover. It’s a wonderful yet sometimes frustrating endeavor to find someone who can melt your heart. Its more easier to come across those who’ll only make it colder. But this difficult search is always worth it. Search for all the reasons to make your heart flutter in the morning and keep that same sensation at night. Find the  one who connects with you mentally, physically and emotionally on a multitude of levels. Discover the unconditional love pouring out of the person’s soul when hard times shake your world of calm for that person’s love will always stay solid. This is a love definitely worth the search for it will last a life time.

Kem’s song “If It’s Love” has a life of its own. It grows starting from a simple form of calm drums and a gentle piano to a sweet harmony of Kem’s light pitches and Chrisette Michelle’s velvety lulls. A light energy transcends throughout the core of this tune delicately placing the mind in a serene state. The two voices make magic with their incredible message of an everlasting love. The roots of Kem’s soothing voice and simple words keep the organic material of what makes his music so pure. Michelle’s soft croons make a delicate touch adding to the simplicity of this soothing melody. Make that spiritual and strong bond with a loved one with this elegant tune as it grasps the center of all that you’ve been waiting for from the tiresome search for love.

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