Is it Safe to Fall?

The leaves in Riverside Park gently sung a sweet song on the cool Fall afternoon. Echoes of children enjoying a birthday party vibrated throughout the small section of the area bringing a feeling of innocence and pure joy. The sun shone over the Hudson river in the distance brightly hiding the Jersey shoreline across the waters. A man slowly walked in front of his two boys as they made their way through an opening leading up to the narrow passages of the park. One of them ran in front of him as the other stayed behind on his little tricycle. He pedaled slowly following his father’s lead. Suddenly, he hit the ground as he fell off of his bicycle. Tears streamed down his face as he sat there crying from his tumble. His father slowly walked up to him, but held back sure not to run up to him too soon. The child sat there for a minute before wiping his tears away and got back on his bike ready for the venturesome stroll ahead of him.

As I watched him fall, I told my boyfriend that if that was my child, I would have held him until he stopped crying. And he replied saying he would tell him to get up on his own and to stop crying. My mind said that maybe that’s just the man in him talking. But men are usually programmed to let their masculinity shine with how fast they don’t let problems upset them.

It’s natural for people to want to hide their emotions and show their strong side. Put on a smile and hide that frown is the way we break through the molds. No one likes to see a cry baby. Let those tears shed all you want as a child. But as a grown up, its time to hide the pain to do what you got to do.

But a healthy person has a healthy mind. Shoving the pain through the cracks of our emotional wounds will only make them grow and fester. Some people will go through a messy break up and act like it didn’t bother them. Some will lose a friend and put on a bold face moving on quicker than lightening. The smile that masks your face don’t hide the heartache; it only emulates it.

It’s good to be strong and move on. But when life downpours on your sunny day of good living, let the pain pour out. Bottling in or hiding your trauma is giving more life to what you thought was gone; to what you thought would go away if you ignored it. Even if it makes you look weak, it’ll make you ten times stronger than if you pretend it’s not there. Indifference will only shield the pain making it become a part of you.

I’m not saying its beneficial to cry over ever little thing that happens to you. Every one of us will have to be careful of the bumps from life. But it’s better to just shake it off. As long as it’s not a big issue; not a big deal. If it bothers you, let it out. Don’t let it fester and rain down on others in your angst of unsolved problems.

If you refuse to fall and attempt to stand all the time, you will tumble. Let it out. Let out all the pain, all the misery, all that bad energy taking over your insides. It’s not worth it to put on a proud facade all the time. Sure, we all want to look like we can take the troubling times life likes to throw at is. But it’s beneficial to fall at times so you can be able to pick yourself back up and become stronger than ever before.

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