Here Comes Autumn

The sweat dripping days of summer has finally come to an end. Gone in a minute, those humid breezes of longer days have blown away and are now replaced by the brisk chill of shorter afternoons. It’s hard to really prepare for this change as we’re forced to be locked in our darkle homes of boredom. Say goodbye to the sunny days we’ve waited all year for and hello to this dreary season called Fall.

It’s the start of annoying class projects, continuous routine work and frequent vacations from the word “fun.” Definitely not a wanted place of travel, we all must go back there every year. Yet, the vibrant foliage, pumpkin harvests, and future hoilday gatherings that come along with it are the pleasurable delicacies worth waiting for. The changing seasons is a beautiful blessing even after nature becomes a bleak shadow of what it once was. Because even with the dying trees leaving its crunchy remainders on our path later brings a fresh start of color and life. Let’s celebrate the changing seasons as it also marks the changes within ourselves.

The breath-of-fresh-air artist Corinne Bailey Rae majestically sings a beautiful message of  patience and preparing for life’s changes in this wonderful performance “Season’s Change.”


She’s AMAZING. Please. Enjoy. =)


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