“I Hurt You” by Anthony Hamilton and Tarsha McMillan

Expect it. A relationship isn’t always going to be the fairy tales you read as a child. Your not guaranteed the easy road of love that TV tells you is possible. There will be drama. There will be heartache. There will be hurt. But the troubles your loved one gives you is all a part of the equation. The chemical reaction that brought you two together will have its negatives and its positives.

“I Hurt You” by Anthony Hamilton and his wife Tarsha McMillan Hamilton beautifully intercepts the stigma of a perfect romance. This powerful ballad between the singing couple spills out all the pain lovers unintentionally cause each other as their voices blend together molding words about a difficult love storm. The slow, dismal flow catches the mind peacefully allowing listeners to embrace the agony of a torn heart. Love has two sides. It fills us with effervescent joy and takes us to cloud 10 with its bubbly sensations of bliss. But then it has a dark side that can substrate over your world with a different cloud of depressing days and bolts of anger. The ying and yang of love is what keeps it together. It helps us to treasure those who makes us happy. And it strengthens us to prepare for the worst when they take that happiness away.


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