“4 am” by Melanie Fiona

Waking up in the arms of another is the sweet song of simplicity in the morning. A strong feeling of natural comfort caresses the soul as you lay there capturing your mate in their warmth. It’s always the perfect moment to gaze into the eyes of your sweetheart experiencing the depth of his/her love within the extent of the gleam that shines through. Yet, when those intimate moments are taken away, a darker sense of hopelessness and confusion replaces the passion sending the mind into a dark hole of crazy.

Melanie Fiona deeply feels the pain of a loose lover in her song “4 AM.” The gradual descent into the chorus is backed up with a light club beat that manages to blend into its distorted sadness. Fiona’s high pitches emphasizes the anger of her unappreciative man as her croons of disgust passionately pound into the beat. The slow rhythm slightly reminiscent of a Drake tune delightfully possesses the dismal emotions of being up in the morning without your loved one. An empowering sense of crazy takes over the mind when waking up to an empty bed that was once full. Having your partner step out in the middle of the night to go looking for a zesty female might as well be compared to a festering raccoon searching for trash during his nightly routine.

Any loser looking for a good time while his significant other lays alone in bed deserves to be taken out like the trash the next day. Especially for someone as talented as Fiona, this bandersnatcher deserves a lifetime in the dump. Although when her good man spends a casual night out with friends unfortunately losing his phone, embracing the forgetful effects of slipped ruffies and somehow waking up in his car to a cop taping his window spells a different sense of crazy in this video. Hopefully, he doesn’t become man trash in the morning after finding out the romantic dinner Fiona set up for him.


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