Little Dragon’s Gifted Growl

Sometimes the most amazing things can be in the most unexpected places. Today’s music is mostly a replica of each other endlessly repeating each other in a repetitive dance of conformity. Even with the notion that every artist is trying to do their own thing, they always come out looking the same. Real versatility in the music scene are the ones blending the solid line that varies from genre to genre. 21-century innovation starts when musicians no longer define themselves to just one genre. Branching out to different art forms definitely sets the path for ingenious music paving a road for what we’ve really been waiting for.

Little Dragon stretches their elastic band of dexterity across a small variation of genres. The group dabbles in electronic, synthpop, chill-out, downtempo and of course neo-soul music. With a name that was started from fellow Japanese-Swedish singer Yukumi Nagano’s “fuming tantrums,” Little Dragon includes her close high school friends Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrik Källgren Wallin (bass) and Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards) with a recent addition of Arild Werling on live performances. With homage to Sweden, this band is making waves of sheer musical bliss through the UK scene with their singles “Fortune,” “Constant Surprises,” “Twice,” and many more. They have three albums including their most recent one “Ritual Union.”  A cool whiff of a low raspy voice combines a graceful twist harmonizing the bands varying leaps from rhythm in each song.  With this jump from sound to sound, they please the visual senses with their eclectic play on unique melodies and score on breaking the barrier of versatile music thus creating sensual listening parties of pleasure for all.

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