Sensual Bliss

Many of us embrace the lovely gifts of our five senses. It’s something we take for granted as others aren’t as lucky to have each and every one within the span of their lifetime. The world comes alive with these simple abilities that allow us to truly experience the pleasures and pains that life brings us. It’s a delightful event to see, hear, smell, touch and taste the sensations around us. Although at times, we have to deal with the ying yang of our senses as some grotesque feats can lay embedded within our memory based on what we go through. Yet, at times there seems to be an extreme elation of pleasure felt from all five senses.

Biting into a delectable strawberry cheesecake can send an  unimaginable sensation to the core of your taste buds. The sweet ooze of its topping drizzles down the volcano of edible desires as you take in the eruption of yum exploding within the realms of your mouth. Letting the exquisite features of a loved one or a fine individual you just happen to notice on the streets can sink into the psyche sending you down the road of visual ecstasy. An aroma of exotic food or an alluring scent can bring you to a dreamland of bliss as the smell encases the roof of your nostrils. The melodies of an eclectic, variant tune can send shock waves to your ears of delightful sounds distracting you from the usual bore of everyday life. And then we all know what type of titillating sensation touch can provide for us with its amorous grace of sensation. These are pleasures we can all relate to when absorbing this experience of utmost relish. I just wanted to acknowledge these delightful senses God gave us because I surely couldn’t do without them.

This tune called “Diving for Hearts” from Corinne Bailey Rae brings sheer listening pleasure each time it randomly blesses my ears on my mp3 player. Although, her whole album “The Sea” accomplishes the ability to provide absolute joy as an extreme elation of sound from beginning to end.


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