“Indecision” by Sampha

When your options get the best of you, it’s hard to make the right choice. Sometimes, you see the good in every choice allowing more difficulty in your final decision. With knowledge and intuition, the path will come forward to those who understand their choice.

The song “Indecision” by Sampha is a beautiful remedy of simple music entrapped with harmonious sound and a classic piano. The light ohh’s delightfully jump over the beat in a peaceful way that plays with the ears.  The words”Let it All Work Out” continuously resides over the chorus as it creates an atmosphere for hope in this warm tune. The airy tone of Sampha’s cool voice matches the purity that transcends throughout. Let it all work out in the comforts of your home, the academia of your school, the constraints of your nine-to-five and anywhere as the trap of indecision forces you from the right answers.


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