The New Class System

The fight for that most wanted valued piece of paper produced years of tears, procrastination and even slight hair loss. The struggle and money put forth on the degree shines elegantly in the bedrooms of many students as that prized possession rightfully gained. The friendships and acquaintances made during their experience remained embedded in the front of their memory bank since they paved the way for their growth along with the guidance of their parents and the lessons learned through life’s rifts. They enter what people call the ‘real world’ filled with enthusiasm, hope and an openness for what’s to come. But their perception of the term degree would soon be altered after they discover what it means for those around them.

Post-Secondary education is almost vital in today’s society. Advertisements are plastered galore the spreads of magazines, train and bus posters, television commercials and on the internet. Certain shady businesses can even take job seekers information and send it to online degree programs so that they can seduce  them into their two-year programs. Medicine, Law, Business, Education and an array of numerous programs are open for applicants to fill their seats. The young and old strive for the educational prowess of knowledge to lift them towards their career dreams.

But the economic depression put a giant halt on the lives of many. Millions of  people have either lost their job or can’t obtain one after months of searching. Families are losing homes to foreclosures and small businesses are failing. Crime and homelessness is rising as more burglaries fill the news while the hungry fill the streets. Positivism is something many can not master in these trying times.

This hardship is something everyone has to face. The years it took to gain a Masters degree seem like they’ve been swept away when some can only get a position washing windows. All those years in school result in a prestigious piece of paper but no job to show for it.

The pride for a good education was a simple web weaved within the dwellings of many homes across the nation. Yet, some families care more about what’s best for their children regardless of what they do whether they go to college or not. The economy is filled up with people who have amazing jobs after working many years in their degree program. But the same can also go for someone who doesn’t have one.

The ambitions for a pleasant life lies deep within the hearts of many. Yet, for some reason a stigma is placed among the masses of those who never went to college. The lazy run among those who didn’t go to college and for those who did. Intelligence doesn’t only exist for people with a degree. There are a great amount of folks who are wise, talented, innovative and ardent who chose a different path in life.

Education snobs degrade those individuals and pin terms of ignorance on them because of that valued piece of paper. Sure, people fill humble occupations because their desires are humble. Shiftless employees want nothing more in life but to have fun and to get by easy. Some students don’t even finish college from boredom, lack of interest and difficulty level.

Yet, not every person without a college degree lacks the goals to obtain the best out of life. A class system forms when intelligence is measured by the amount of years pushed into school where those without one fall at the bottom. God’s children are dealing with this financial burden across the globe and that includes everyone. Knocking someone down because of what they do in life builds a wall of ignorance to the successful individual that could be inside that person.

Those with a degree should have one because of their passion for a particular career path; not just to do it. And those without one may go back to college some day or has a career in mind that doesn’t need schooling. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and don’t judge a person by their degree level. The financial burden isn’t blind to anyone. So why should people be?



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