The Missing Element

There’s something missing. The good aspect of how a man approaches a woman has almost disappeared. At one point, many of them were just honest and were real with us. Now, there’s a bunch of suckas who manage to only spew out ‘hey shotty,’ or ‘yo ma, come out with some ridiculous line and then get mad when we walk away. “You ain’t that cute anyway.’ Then why waste my time trying to approach me?

There was once a time where I actually kind of liked it. I spent years in high school aimlessly walking through the halls with my large grey hoodie keeping to myself as the quiet girl. Guys didn’t really pay attention to me as much. But when I started becoming a little bit more out going and dressing more cute, heads would turn. But now I know better as most dudes who call out to a girl in the street turn around for anyone .

I don’t understand it. How did it get to this level? Don’t get me wrong. There are still guys who will casually walk up to a woman, introduce himself and just be real about what he wants. Real men are still out there. Yet, an overpopulation of lazy, untidy and ignorant “men” attempt to achieve a lady’s attention in the most childish ways. The approach is old,  tacky and needs to evolve.

These men are certainly missing something. Back in the day before my time, many men would go to the moon for a girl. Things used to be more simple. More cherished. More regal. More polite. They had what it took to treat women like the queens they are which can easily be seen from their approach. The men with the most pure hearts mastered the element of respect which is whats missing in some of our men today.

The cheesy one-liners is just a preview to the type of relationship a woman would be entering if she gave the guy a chance. We don’t fall for it. For the men who put all of themselves into meeting someone, you deserve the best. Honesty and a little effort will truly get you far. And for those of you with these pathetic advances every time you see a pretty lady, learn that missing element fast because it will get you nowhere.  Someone needs to school the one-liners on how to treat a lady before they flunk out on the lesson of love.  (But then again, we know what they really want so maybe it’s best it they keep losing.)

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  1. This is coming from a Man that know how to date a Woman. It is so true, but when I use to say “Hey Shawty” when i was much younger, it was tongue in cheek. To make a woman laugh. The key to talking to any woman is to make sure she feels comfortable with you. Keep her smiling. Keep her laughing. if a woman doesn’t see the confidence in your eyes she will eat you up and spit you out so quickly. I know how to romance a Woman. Read my post ” Recipe for a Romantic Candlelight Dinner” Check out my blog
    I love the design of your blog. Very nice! Keep up the great work and writing.

    yours truly,

    the King of Internet Dating. No More Dry Seasons. I Make it Reign!


    1. Yes!!! Women love a guy who can make her laugh. There’s no connection for me if there’s no laughter or comfort when going out with a guy. A good approach is definitely making her laugh. At least you were trying to show her a part of yourself while making her smile. These things work. I will definitely check your blog out. Thank you so much and thanks for visiting. =)


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