“Baby, Baby” by Brandy

These are the times we miss. A bumping beat electrifying the very soles of our feet. Huge puffy coats that would probably have us floating instead of walking. Dancing embraced with a little soul as performers move from step to step in an effortless flow. What we have now is lacking in the cool, chill vibes of a time not too long ago. It’s so hard to let go of these simple times because they remind us of what was once so pure, simple, and just right.

It’s easy to run back to the memories once I hear a tune like “Baby, Baby” by Brandy.  My heart quakes for the days when a teenage girl could perform in a video and still look like a teenage girl. Those sweet long braids and innocent smile paints the beautiful portrait of a talented female who were the few entertainers that kept the 90s alive. The enthusiastic smooth rhythm plays with the ears as unmistakable movement erupts from the body. Days of cool grooves and easy listening comes back in instant euphoria with this classic. This beat definitely doesn’t fail to provide listening satisfaction and reminiscent memories of the good ole years.

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