“In the Mood” by Johnny Gill

“In the Mood” by Johnny Gill is plastered with the low-tempo sounds of traditional R&B. Tears of joy will fill the homes of fans who enjoyed his past hits “My, My, My,”  “Wrap My Body Tight,” and songs like “Cool it Now” and  “Mr. Telephone Man” from his sensational group, New Edition. Unfortunately for me, a different set of tears came spilling from my eyes when I first struggled to listen to it as it spread from station to station. The lyrics echo the mundane desires of most contemporary R&B tracks of the past two decades. The way his voice carries over the deep, dark piano playing doesn’t sit too well with my ears. “I’m going to give you all I got. Baby I’m not stopping. Till I hit that spot, don’t be afraid to lock it,” sounds like a line reminiscent of every ordinary R&B song. I hate to dis this tune. I’ve tried listening to it many times to find the beauty in it. Yet, it’d take the jaws of life for me to find the amazing characteristics of it.  Grown folks used to his music may find the slow jam bliss of this hit. But maybe I was born a bit too late to truly enjoy the pleasures this song can bring others. However, I do favor the new jack swing essence of his hits from the early 90’s. Hopefully, his latest album “Still Winning” can change my mind.


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