All in the Heart

The spirit dies without a purpose. People live aimlessly throughout their lives trying to understand what it is they’re supposed to do. Bodies become shells of monotonous life forms sluggishly struggling through their everyday routine. It’s depressing to see on the train every morning, the bus every afternoon or on the streets every night. Souls are being lost to the struggle they’re not ready for; it’s something they can’t deal with because they’re in it for the wrong reasons.

There’s too many mindless paths of life people tend to take. In the right mind or the right heart, this path is a genuine one that’ll be lifted with happiness. We all live only once, so why live it the wrong way?

Individuals will go to school for a Business or Nursing degree because everyone’s telling them that’s where the money is. Women will marry men not because of the love that will secure her at night but because of the money that will secure her desires. Men marry women purely because of beauty whether it be height, smile, stature, or even skin color.

Sometimes, I think we live in a real horror film when hearing about people who live their life for the materialistic glory. It’s not harmful, but nauseating to hear about people who spark drama on reality TV just for the fame when real cinematography gets stashed away in the dust of history.

The world we live in is losing the authenticity it takes in finding the passion out of what we do.  Going after careers for the money green and finding love in the image is a quick way to failure. People need to come alive again as spirits brimming with energy because of the desires that lies underneath. Forget the money, the power, the gain. Remember the beauty of what lays hidden within our hearts to embellish our purpose with success and effortless joy.



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