The Foreign Exchange

Candles stimulate the sensual warmth surrounding the dimly lit bath area. The ambiance massages the soul and senses after a tough day. Water fills the tub cascading tremendously with a steady splash. Pink rose petals gently press the water smoothly as they continue to glide across the soft waves. A sweet aroma invades the nose caressing the urge for a floral scent. The atmosphere plays with the body after a tumultuous amount of work wearied it down for hours. Everything is perfect for a delightfully pleasureful evening. Yet, one more element will be the icing on the cake for a sensual evening at home.

An evening like this is the right way to end my or anyone’s day. And the cool sounds of “The Foreign Exchange “ is just the right ingredient for this recipe of solace. Delightful mixtures of electronic, R&B, neo-soul and hip-hop combine to make a group of tasteful listening. This musical entity was created after the talented rapper, singer and songwriter Phonte and producer Nicolay exchanged beats in messages on the online hip hop community in 2002. After this exchange, they later formed the group without even first meeting in person. Two albums later, the group has grown to include Zo!, YahZarah, Median and Darien Brockington in 2009. They’ve received a Grammy nomination for Best Urban/Alternative Performance with their joint “Daykeeper” featuring Muhsinah and have released four albums including their latest releases Authenticity and a live album called Dear Friends: An Evening With The Foreign Exchange. Allow the musical embrace of  The Foreign Exchange to take you to a world of laid-back melodies and righteous story telling. I definitely received an enlightenment of musical joy after listening to this group. Let your soul flow with the Exchange too.

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