“The First Night” by Monica

I remember the days when Fridays were real special. Channel ABC 7 used to have the TGIF line up packed full of innocent shows like Family Matters and Boy Meets Girl. Going out was something new and foreign to me as the outside world was a strange place only worth looking out through the comforts of my window. The cheesy sitcoms would go through issues like talking to a girl, cheating on a test, the first date, going out for a joy ride, and any other ‘wild’ thing the writers could think of. It was easy to laugh at the crazy situations these characters would get into. But when it came to love and romance, the nine-year-old me always wondered how it would be to feel those butterflies fluttering around in my stomach for the first time. My mind would stray away to a future Tiffy ready for the first Friday night of fun, laughs and teenage trauma.

“The First Night” by Monica brings me back to the days of when being a teenager looked more fun than the horror movie it really is. (Ok. High School wasn’t that bad.) This beat was the main ingredient to the playlist of my happiness. Of course, I didn’t know that she was talking about not making too many moves on the first night, but the fly dancing, simple clothes, and the chill attitude is what captured me during those years. Even the boy vs girl friendly vibe going on is something I so eagerly took from when it came to my affairs with the opposite sex. When Monica’s angelic voice pleasantly caught over the cool rhythm, it created the perfect atmosphere of what a Friday night should be.



  1. I like this. I remember all of the old sitcomes. Tv and music has definitly changed over the years. I remember when sitting at home with ya girl watching a movie was cool. I remember when people actually respected everyone relationship. Do remember the sitcom all of us, fresh prince, cosby, my wife and kids. They all represented family shows and put a positive spin on family. It let you know how fun marriage can be.


    1. It really has. The Cosbys was such a lovely family. People could learn lessons from these shows and they were fun to watch. I miss those shows. These days, what we see on TV is lacking something.


  2. You’re taking me down memory lane. TGIF was EVERYTHING – it gave me something to look forward to on a Friday night when I was too young to really go out and chill on the weekend. Between the TGIF line-up and just ’90s sitcoms period, I miss that whole vibe of what I like to call the “Simple Time” – before bills, stress, and being an adult. *long sigh* lol “First Night” is still one of my favorite Monica songs. Her second album was


  3. Simple times needs to make a comeback. Lol. Adult life is too stressful sometimes. It was good just to get excited over a few sitcoms on a Friday. The innocence and lessons learned is what I truly miss. I think Monica has grown so much since that song. She will always be amazing.


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