“Blue Sky” by Common

It takes a lot to have a burst of inspiration mold something out of nothing. The creative mind doesn’t come easy. Artists go crazy trying to create the perfect masterpiece to satisfy their festering hunger of self-expression. It’s difficult to get the mind going, but it only gets going after that light bulb finally gets switched on in its thought process. The expansion of creativity can go very far with the right inspiration. Success in this can be achieved even from the delightful message of a simple song.

And simplicity shines bright in the inspiring tune “Blue Sky” by Common. This song spun through my head all day today with its soft echos from the singer and uplifting beat. Common is quite the lyrical poet as he raps about his MC dreams and finding God from every glance he takes into the sky. The light chorus elegantly dances over the beat carrying over the quaint scenes of an inspiring ballet dancer,basketball athlete, novelist, young violinist and artist in the video. Talent seems to explode from every character. The vibrant melody portrays a beautiful message of looking to the skies to allow your essence to reach  higher and higher. This track is a perfect representation of the “music with a message” vibe that Common never fails to produce in many of his hits. “Now we in the skies, blue skies, And we going higher, last night.” Keep those dreams to the skies and let it evolve to the forthcoming potential of your destiny.


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