“So Gone (What My Mind Says)” by Jill Scott

It’s cuffin’ season time again and the hunters are on the prowl. Lonely singles search for their cuddle buddy while couples cling onto their lovers eagerly clasping the natural warmth they give every night. It’s a cold world and everyone needs something to keep that body warmth flowing. Ease comes in pairs with those in relationships or trusting “friends” during  this crazy season, but proves difficult to those separate from an accepting cohort. The simple task of snuggling up to a cutie, however, can quickly turn into a battle royal between the body and the mind when things get a little too hot.

Jill Scott’s lustrous new vid called “So Gone (What My Mind Says)” featuring Paul Wall entices the part of our brain aching for a good sensual ditty. A thirst for the product of desire shrouds the titillating lyrics and croons of this song. Scott’s ravenous hunger for more than a soft touch embodies the light, low-tempo melody captured within this tune. Her mind is losing the battle against her body as she becomes mesmerized from the seducing prowess of her lover’s member. The fight of the flesh versus the mind is a feat many of us almost like to lose. Our greater sense gets defeated against the attacks of the physical. Yet even with the adversity of this challenge, the victor must always be the mind. The path to a blissful relationship is always mind before body during cuffin’ season and all year around.


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