Amel’s Music

With a breath of soul in every record, Amel Larrieux has enchanted the ears of many with her simple, yet captivating music. I love the cool nature of what stirs this singer into a woman of real characteristics and real music. Distinguishing her music as “Amel’s Music,” creativity and originality spawns the pure, organic sound of this artist as she’s gone on to start off her solo career after working with Bryce Wilson in the R&B duo “Groove Theory.” After four albums , I can’t wait to hear her airy, mesmerizing sound once more. She’s released some music like “Orange Glow” from her forthcoming album  Ice Cream Every Day in 2009 and has collaborated with Wilson for a second album in 2010. But her true fans will have their hearts beating in a fervor when Ice Cream Every Day finally drops in late January 2012. It’ll be a real pleasure to be cast under the charming spell of Larrieux once again.

Check out my favorite song from her called “Gills and Tails” which was released in her third album Morning. 

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