Because We Love Her

This “1 Thing” was more of a one hit for Amerie within the spotlight of mainstream pop and R&B. Though her voice is lacking in depth and she may portray the persona of just being another pretty face to those who don’t know of her, she represents so much more to the likes of many. Her elegant charm brought so much joy to me when I was a teenager. I fell in love with her sound from her first single “Why Don’t We Fall In Love.” That was the anthem to my summer and almost every summer following after. I believe not many songs can compete against the chilled out and peaceful melody of this tune. Her sound comprises of the amazing elements of 90’s R&B within the realms her first album All I Have. Over the years, she’s continued to progress in her exploration new wave, hip hop, dub step, funk and soul within the makeup of her latest albums. She’s definitely a 20-Century girl since her albums Because I love It and In Love and War personified the lustrous elements of 70’s and 80’s music. I’m anticipating her next album Cymatika: Vol 1 due to be released next year.  This album boasts the exploration of freedom, androgyny and the new world order with tracks like ‘Run for Cover,’ a song cloaked in the idea of running from oneself and ‘Sodom and G,’ an astronaunt theory version of Sodom and Gomorrah based on the destruction of a relationship. She is a pretty face, but her composure of versatile sound creates a delightful mixture of worldly details that explores the various components of different musical styles. And we got to love her for it.

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